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    Company introductionCompany Introduction

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    Shanghai building decoration materials Co., Ltd. is approved by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce approved and registered, is a research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after sale service as one of professional manufacturing activity partition, glass partition producers, production activity partition has (type 100, type 85, type 70), glass partition with (83.70, 60), for R & D, design, manufacture, sales, installation as a whole, to serve the country. As a company in order to better serve customers, the introduction of Germany advanced production technology of manufacturing activity partition, partition (also known as the movable screen, sound insulation movable wall, movable partition etc.) and glass partition (partition, office partition, fixed high compartment), has been successful in the country a number of national key projects, long term and Shenzhen Hirota, Suzhou Reed, Suzhou Gold Mantis, Shanghai Dewei Exhibition Service Co Ltd, and obtained everybody approval. Better development for the company, but also allows customers to rest assured that the use, the company is committed to product damage in not artificial conditions lifetime warranty. At present, a movable partition series are widely used in the conference room, hotel, restaurant, hotel, multi-function hall, exhibition hall and other places; glass partition series used in office buildings, financial institutions, government offices, hospitals, factories and other places. As a separate series of products in the construction of many foreign investment, domestic large-scale engineering project, since its inception, the company always adhere to the "quality first, brand management, services for the first", partition and track high standards, high technology manufacturing and field partition system installation, get all areas of customer, enterprise, government units and the recognition and use of. Movable partition to use: one, how to open up a partition multi type screen

    All operations should be gentle, and should Caution. Facing the screen station catch on both sides along the track direction of the screen's light pull screen with both hands; then along the rail direction rotating screen.

    The screen to its placement, the screen is fixed. Tip: when the screens will be pushed to the intersection, should pay attention to the track direction, then the screen along the track to nudge to its placement.

    Two, how to fix up a partition multi type screen

    One hand on the screen, on the other hand will handle sleeve into the screen surface material 1100MM six angle, hold the handle clockwise rotation 180o, telescopic seal screen inside the popup will screen fixing.

    The handle is inserted into the groove of the screen side, open the telescopic seal fixed screen screen internal to the handle. The whole set of screen in place, to see whether the flat screen? Whether the tracks on the same plane, if not straight from upper and lower extension strip adjustment, until the screen.

    Movable partition three, how to operate the multi-directional telescopic plate screen

    Usually each group screen in the last piece of the side is the telescopic screen, the screen to be placed in the position, then the side vertical groove to a hand under seal pops up, then put the handle in the operating hole expansion screen surface, along the counterclockwise direction of rotation telescopic aluminum plate, and side wall so urgent.

    Four, how to operate the door in door multi type screen

    Door to door should be placed in position and in front of a screen touch tightly, the handle is inserted into the groove of the screen side, open the telescopic seal fixed screen screen the internal side of the upward pulling the handle. Open the door, will handle insertion hole on the other side of the screen door leg upward pulling the handle, flexible seal is fixed on the other side of the screen to open the screen.

    Five, how to multi type screen

    1, if you have a door in door, first open the door in door release on the seal, and then shut the door in door;

    Telescopic aluminum 2, open the last piece of screen and the upper and lower seal;

    Telescopic aluminum 3, recovery of the last piece of the screen, so the distance at least can rotate the screen distance;

    4, the screen along the rail direction nudge received the position of the screen;

    5, each group of screen in the same way up, the pressing each of the two screens, to minimize the distance between the screen and the screen. If necessary, the last piece of the screen in the Tibetan plate at the upper and lower activity seal open, to make it compact track and ground

    Customer service and product details as a full service

    All products are entitled to one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance warranty service, to show our confidence in the products to customers and quality assurance.

    Scope of application

    A warranty rights to enjoy: buyers purchase contract, such as the buyer for the agents, the agents are sold to direct the user product is also within the scope of warranty and maintenance.

    B warranty product range: the purchase contract is the purchase of our products

    Warranty conditions: the buyer holds the execution of purchase contract, payment basis and warranty certificate.

    Free repair

    To buy the company's products a year, the company provides free repair service quality problems of products. And to provide 24 hour free counseling hotline; 13817491761

    In particular the replacement of regulations

    Special circumstances need to be replaced. Consent in writing of the company, the buyer with the purchase contract and the warranty certificate, and retain the damaged parts for verification, otherwise, replacing any parts are subject to reasonable expenses.

    Non warranty regulations

    Nonhuman caused by factors such as: force majeure prevents damage caused by typhoon flood, earthquake and other natural, non company delivery installation damage, the goods by the other party to the damage caused by the installation and disassembly.

    Our services to our clients

    As a customer service center is responsible for handling the customer advisory complaints warranty and emergency services, and strive to solve all the needs of customers.


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