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    Construction technology specification

    According to the engineering drawings, screen using conventional installation, the #4 angle steel bolted and welded on the structure layer, spacing of 1200MM, and then of ∠ 4 angle steel in both sides of ∠ 4 angle steel welding sprag, to increase its stability, distance is 1200MM, Tibetan plate location distance is 500MM, and then with the whole length of ∠ 4 ∠ 4 angle steel angle steel plate in the following, spacing of 750MM, Tibetan plate spacing is 500MM (such as the installation of chart), and play a 12 hole, hole distance is 71MM, the connecting screw rod and the rail end.

    The rail is installed, the screen after the completion of delivery to the site, the first track of port unloading, the screen wheels from unloading mouth into students track section, a push to the corresponding position, when the last piece of screen is installed, and then unload port installed, adjust good, finally the whole screen to specified elevation, specific measures is to adjust the two wheels each screen, twisting wheel bearings, the increase or decrease, and finally reached the required elevation.

    Construction process

    The larger the engineering construction work surface, the parallel construction. The working face with in the construction conditions of the construction and development, to ensure the construction period.

    Construction in the first (the rail connection) under (partition hanging), after the construction principles, construction process corresponding to the:

    The rail connection for steel structure fabrication and installation;

    The construction of the track hanging;

    Track and rail, rail and between the connecting opening between the port and port, the combination between;

    Track level adjustment

    Hanging off the body;

    Installation and fixation of the track;

    Screen smooth, level debugging debugging;

    Partition of Top & bottom support debugging, debugging expansion board;

    Site construction plan

    The project department into play at the same time, material purchasing schedule tool and part material to the site

    Technical department second days after the approach to determine the track elevation according to the horizontal line provided by the employer

    Installation Department officially began operation on the same day, according to the track elevation elastic horizontal line

    The track installation starts from the Tibetan plate to start the installation, inside out

    Quality inspection department in accordance with each two sections of track (6 meters long) using level leveling, installation personnel according to the quality inspection personnel requirements using horizontal and vertical tube correct track, use at the same time ensure straightness steel ruler

    In the screen after the installation of the construction personnel comes into play with HUFCOR special tool cart to transport, driven by 3-4 workers on both sides

    Partition hoisting mechanical lifting equipment, hoisting ropes used 5 tons of nylon slings, and to extend the broadside direction in the packing case

    Installation of the Department of construction workers in a group of partition after lifting, will cut out unified adjustment partition level

    The main technical measures

    According to the contractor to provide the basis for a horizontal line and determine the level of elevation drawings by Design Institute, technology department staff level to determine the installation height of the track. Technical personnel were divided into two groups, two groups of data in measurement, two sets of data. In the case of the upper structural layer mark.

    Department to identify technology center line is responsible for the bomb line determine the center line tracks in the steel, which tracks installed in a straight line

    Track quality installation of control activity partition rail installation to ensure the track in all directions is to maintain the level and in a straight line, the installation team needs to determine the exact length of elevation and processing mobile track partition according to the horizontal line technology measurement of elastic line, quality inspection department regularly use level leveling inspection and adjustment the key to ensure the quality of installation.

    Quality inspection departments each installation of six meters long rail in the construction personnel level were detected, the level detection, track installation accuracy can be achieved within 0.5mm, such as the only by detecting the level tube, accuracy will be greatly reduced, the error will be above 2mm. The vertical direction, technology department to use steel ruler according to top wire measurement.

    4) off the stack

    Partition after arriving at the scene should delay broadside stacked according to the packaging paper on the arrow, and the establishment of clear signs, is strictly prohibited flat stack. Cut off every 10 piece set a fixed frame, avoiding lateral pressure piling up the damage on the cut off, but also convenient installation time block hoisting.


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